1:1 Online Coaching

Tailored Strength Training For Older Adults

If you’ve tried our free strength training programmes and want to step it up a gear, or if you’re looking for something more tailored to your individual needs, our 1:1 online coaching might be for you.

To get in touch, fill out our online enquiry form, or send your enquiry via email to info@keepingstrong.co.uk

We only take on a few clients at a time to ensure we can provide the best possible personalised experience suited to you and your goals. There are a range of options we can offer to help you in your strength training journey, including 1:1 coaching sessions and personalised strength training programmes.

We strongly believe every older adult, no matter what your prior experience of strength training or fitness, can develop the skills and confidence to start engaging and benefiting from exercise and strength training.

For more information, for yourself, family or friends, please get in touch and let’s start #keepingstrong! 

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