Beginner 6 Week Strength Training Programme

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This is a 6 week strength training programme designed for older adults who are at a beginner level. It can be done at home or at the gym.

If you feel able to after 6 weeks, move on to our intermediate programme after this. For coaching and a programme which is more tailored to your personal fitness goals, please see our 1:1 online coaching service.

To ensure you complete the workouts correctly, we recommend having a quick read of the programme guide and explanations of each exercise before starting.

Workout Summary

Workout Goal: Build Strength
Workout Frequency: 2x a week
Level: Beginner
Time Per Workout: 20 minutes
Exercises Per Workout: 8
Programme Duration: 6 Weeks
Equipment Required: Floor space, a chair, a pair of light dumbbells (or waterbottles), a step (or the stairs will do)
Target Gender: Male & Female

Download this free workout programme as a PDF. No subscription required.

Beginners Strength Training Programme

The programme consists of 2 workout sessions. Complete both sessions every week, leaving at least one day in between workout sessions to rest. 

You have 1 minute per exercise – Aim to do as many reps as you can in 1 minute. Then rest for 1 minute. Then move on to the next exercise.

Exercises which are performed with 1 leg, complete 30 secs on 1 leg, then 30 secs on the other leg.

Try to reduce your rest time in weeks 3-6, with just 30 seconds rest!

Start every session with a warm up: 

  • 30 secs marching 
  • 30 secs side stepping or side lunging 
  • 30 secs arm swinging 
  • 30 secs marching + arm swinging

Workout Sessions: